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Accelerated testing of dynamic cables at RISE

Dynamic Cables Reliability & Efficiency

Based on industry needs a cost-efficient dynamic cable has been designed and produced in the project. Close collaboration between supplier and technology developer early in the design process allowed an optimised design of a unique cable that is fully dynamic.
With a special test rig for accelerated fatigue testing developed.

Aim and goal

Industry need for reliable dynamic cables: Cost efficient cables were needed for Swedish tidal and wave developers while the loads were unknown that the cables are exposed to, requiring non-standardized testing of cables for accelerated fatigue, in the marine environment and the laboratory.


Ensure that requirement specifications are met while maintaining production efficiency, material boundaries as well as low cost for the cable, its installation and O&M. Generic vs specific solution: Ensure that solutions are applicable to a wide range of developers in order to ensure a business opportunity for the supply chain, still being sufficiently specific for the device’s demands as well as cost-efficient.


Close collaboration within industry and with the supply chain supported by experts for dry and wet testing as well as for reliability from RISE and numerical modeling from academia. Work program with new methods for cable design, accelerated testing, numerical modeling, offshore condition monitoring and established methods for reliability evaluation. The team designed appropriate test rigs, determined the characteristic failure modes and derived the lifetime and safety factors.


A truly dynamic cable was derived that can be applied to various offshore energy and aquaculture devices. It strengthens the Swedish industry in general and the Swedish maritime sector in particular. It supports UNs global sustainability goals for sustainable energy and provision of clean energy from the oceans.


Project name

Dynamic Cables for Marine Energy Conv.




Region Dalarna, Region Stockholm, Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

projekt management /coordinator/participant

Project start


3 years

Total budget

800 000 EUR


NKT Falun, Waves4Power, CorPower Ocean, Minesto, Chalmers TH




Project members

Johannes Hüffmeier

Contact person

Johannes Hüffmeier

Senior projektledare

+46 10 516 62 44

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