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Distributed sensors for flow characterization may contribute to sustainable water use. It accelerates the digitalization of the water sector and provides additional opportunities for detailed control of industrial processes.

According to WHO, 785 million people lacked a basic drinking-water service in 2017. Climate changes may increase that figure. In Sweden, we have been relatively spared from water shortage, but in the extreme drought of 2018, an irrigation embargo was announced in 85 municipalities. Another 100 municipalities requested their residents to reduce their tap water consumption during that period. In 2017 the Swedish non-revenue water was estimated to 20 % of produced water. Nevertheless, most of us take our drinking water for granted.

DistiSens is the working name for a flow characterization methodology. It is based on analysis of signals from distributed accelerometers. Spectral analysis, and cross-correlation of synchronized signals in combination with machine learning algorithms enable us to estimate the flow rate. Machine learning also provides an opportunity to distinguish between different temperatures of the media.

Such a technology can imply a excavation free alternativ for flow measurements in water utilities. Continued development of these technologies leads to increased digitalization and smarter maintenance of an ageing infrastructure.

The project, financed by Vinnova, is now finished. We are continuously looking for stakeholders and partners willing to participate in packaging the methodology and contribute to increased digitalization of the water utilities. 


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13 månader

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SEK 500 000


Sweden's Innovation Agency

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6. Clean water and sanitation
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
13. Climate action
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