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Digitization of the construction industry through collaboration

RISE works to help the construction industry with digitalization to support innovation, develop more efficient solutions and create new business opportunities.

Different industries have reached different levels of digitization. In June 2018, Tillväxtverket in Sweden released the report "Digitization in Swedish companies", which shows that companies in the construction industry are the least digitized.

RISE has extensive experience and expertise within both construction and ICT. This foundation gives a unique opportunity This gives unique Here, there are unique opportunities to create effective solutions through understanding, understanding both industry challenges and demands. The goal is to reduce the impact of the construction sector on the environment using new technologies and new working methods, shorten planning and construction time, reduce overall production costs, and not least enable new innovations and business. The biggest gains are made through increased transparency when players in different stages collaborate digitally and apply working methods that benefit from technology.

The collaborative initiative aims to help industry in the construction industry in their digitization process and develop offers for productivity enhancements, product development, testing and verification of digitized components, user interfaces, etc.


Project name

Construction 4.0





RISE role in project


Project start


2 years

Total budget

1,8 million SEK


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

The UN sustainable development goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure