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Robust RFID

Development of robust information carrier based on RFID for textile integration

Every day, just over 200 tons of textiles are thrown into Swedish household waste, which is an incredible waste of resources. The potential for reusing or recycling large parts of this volume is enormous. If efficient and material-specific sorting can be done with adapted RFID tags, the degree of textile recovery could increase significantly.

An RFID tag that survives a garment's lifetime, which is not visible or noticeable, is a prerequisite for RFID technology to be used as a tool throughout the textile value chain; this includes use in the logistics chain, in store and handling at end-of-life where the need for information is great. Sorting for textile recycling using RFID technology has tremendous potential to become a very powerful tool. The RFID tag is included throughout the lifetime of the garment, from the manufacture of the garment, through use under varying climates and trials, to the final destination when the garment goes to reuse or material recycling. The system that will be required for efficient handling of textile materials is not in place today, this work is extensive and must be handled in larger, separate initiatives. The physical information carrier is, however, a very important enabler, and this project puts its focus precisely on this.

An integrated tag that follows the garment throughout its life cycle will still be able to meet the needs of existing RFID tagging, but with the added value it can make a much larger amount of information available and used in the user phase and at end-of-life. For RFID technology to become a powerful tool throughout the textile value chain, it is a prerequisite that the information carrier is small, smooth and designed to withstand all the stresses that a garment is exposed to. This type of RFID tag is not available on the market today but is exactly what this project will develop. A universal, worldwide electronic label that accompanies and survives the entire lifetime of the product is an absolute requirement for enabling a truly circular fashion and textile industry.


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RFID-tag for textile applications



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Project Leader

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2 years


RISE, AB Ludvig Svensson, Peak Performance Production AB, LearningWell West AB, Herpatech AB, TexTrace AG



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Sophie Grahn Lydig

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Sophie Grahn Lydig


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