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Development of a nutritious broccoli soup

In the project, a new competitive, good, nutritious and easily accessible broccoli soup is developed. Broccoli contains glucosinolates and especially interesting is glucoraphanin, which has antioxidant and other beneficial effects to health. A variety of broccoli with high levels of glucoraphanin is used for the soup.

Photo: Grönsaksmästarna

The project "Development of a nutritious broccoli soup" (2015-2178, Innovation Support EIP Agri) is an EU-funded project in the rural program. In the project, RISE works with Grönsaksmästarna, SLU, Lyssna Affärsutveckling and other partners with expertise in food and food processing to produce a good nutritious broccoli soup to the target group of health conscious consumers who want easy-to-use food in their daily lives.

As raw material and the soup base, a variety of broccoli (Beneforte) that is rich in glucoraphanin is used. Glucoraphanin is a substance that metabolises into substances that activate mechanisms in the body to e.g. lowering of the LDL cholesterol.

The product development process will range from cultivation planning to evaluating how the target group receives the product. Environmental impact in the various parts of the production chain will also be examined.

The project has a number of work packages that cover the different areas of expertise: growing, harvesting, post-harvest, analysis of the nutrient content, product development, process expertise, competitive / marketing, sensory analysis, microbiological safety, as well as environment and climate.

Europeiska Jordbruksfonden


Project name

Super broccoli soup




Life cycle analysis, Food, Sensation and perception

RISE role in project

Project participant

Project start


ca 2 år

Total budget

2,7 MSEK


SLU, Lyssna Affärsutveckling AB, Ulla Nilsson Konsult AB


Europeiska jordbruksfonden för landsbygdsutveckling (EIP Agri)

The UN sustainable development goals

2. Zero hunger
3. Good health and well-being
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production


Project members

Charlotta Löfström

Contact person

Charlotta Löfström


+46 10 516 67 30

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