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Demand controlled ventilation and heat recovery for dwellings

The new eco-design regulations reward units with demand control. However, it is not known how to measure the indoor air quality in dwellings such that the ventilation flow rate can be demand controlled without negatively affecting the indoor environment. This project aims to identify control parameters and strategies of demand control.

Aim and goal

In this project we aim to identify control parameters and functions that will guarantee a good indoor environment while the ventilation flow rate is reduced, which in its turn will reduce the heat load. We also aim to develop the equation for the specific energy use (SEC) number, which the energy classes in the eco-design regulation is based upon, to better reflect Swedish circumstances over a full year and develop this into a tool for LCC-calculations.


The energy use for ventilation (heating and fan electricity) accounts for a large part of the energy use in residential buildings. Using demand controlled ventilation (DCV) has a great energy saving potential both regarding fan and heating energy. However, there are no or few DCV installed in dwelling due to the lack of knowledge and experiences about DCV in residential buildings.


Different control strategies provide different saving potential. A more complex system where the ventilation flow to each room / zone can be individually controlled doubles almost the energy savings compared with a simpler system where ventilation is regulated for entire buildings. But a more complex system is also significantly more expensive to buy and install, operate and maintain. The saving in kWh for dwellings without heat recovery is high.


Energy use in buildings will be reduced even further by using demand-controlled ventilation. Demand control ventilation will help to improve building energy efficiency and indoor environment. 


Project name

Demand controlled ventilation



RISE role in project

Project manager and participant

Project start


2014-09-01 - 2017-12-31

Total budget

3 200 000


RISE AB, REHACT AB , System air, NCC Construction Sverige AB, Eksta Bostads AB, Derome AB, Svensk ventilation AB, Senseair AB, Mistral Energi AB



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