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Connecting the heat- and power systems for increased flexibility

Flexible Heat and Power (FHP) is a research and innovation project at EU’s Horizon 2020 with the aim to connect heat- and power systems by utilizing thermal flexibility in buildings and other thermal processes. The main purpose is to increase the share of renewable energy in power systems through increased flexibility by for example heat pumps.

Aim and goal

The main goal with the FHP project is to increase the share of renewable energy in power systems by developing control strategies for electricity-to-heat solutions. This is done in order to relocate power demands in time to periods with a lot of renewable power in relation to the demand. This can be done by controlling dynamic groups of electricity-to-heat resources, such as heat pumps. In addition, the project will support the solving technical difficulties for the Distribution System Operators.


The proportion of electricity from renewable sources such as wind and sun are increasing in the electricity grid, the challenge with these sources is that the availability cannot be controlled in the same way as for traditional sources. Therefore, in an electricity system with a large share of renewables, demand response is needed to balance the variations in renewable electricity generation.


The inertia of power-to-heat solutions constitutes a large potential for electric flexibility. Thermal inertia of buildings and thermal storage holds a lot of flexibility. Heat pumps, central heating and cooling installations, and forced ventilation systems act as interfaces connecting the thermal storage and inertia to the electrical distribution grid. Power-to-heat solutions can be used for absorbing the excess of renewable generation and avoiding curtailment. It can also help to handle local bottlenecks in the network, power quality and production imbalances.


By increasing the flexibility of the power-to-heat resources, the share of renewable energy in the power grid can increase.


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Flexible Heat and Power (FHP)



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