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Cloud communication between automated vehicles and emergency vehicles

Emergency vehicles alert drivers by means of sirens and lights. But how should they interact with automated vehicles? This project develops a cloud communication platform to enable information exchange between emergency vehicles and automated vehicles, so that automated vehicles can take appropriate actions when emergency vehicles are approaching.

Aim and goal

To develop a cloud platform that makes automated vehicles aware of approaching emergency vehicles through information exchange. Another aim is to evaluate the platform performance and potential societal benefits. 


Challenges include: how to ensure that information is shared in a safe and reliable way and how to measure societal effects.


The previously demonstrated AD Aware Traffic Control platform that builds on the Drive Sweden Innovation Cloud is further developed to include cloud-based services for sharing information between emergency vehicle coordinators and automated vehicles. In addition to weather, visibility and general traffic situation information, it now combines also real-time emergency vehicle and detailed geospatial information from local road networks and their surroundings to create a shared operational picture of the traffic situation. 

To create a better understanding of technical requirements that AD Aware Traffic Control needs to fulfil, and how it could add value to the society, a proof-of-concept evaluation will be carried out. To this end, evaluation methods will be developed and applied.


The platform is expected to contribute to safe interaction between automated vehicles and emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire brigades. The evaluation methods developed can be used to study performance of similar solutions beyond this project. A public demonstration of project results will be carried out.


Project name

AD Aware - Emergency Vehicles




Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

Workpackage lead: Evaluation

Project start



Total budget

8 750 100 SEK


Volvo Cars , Carmenta, Ericsson, SOS Alarm


Drive Sweden Strategic Innovation Program

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

11. Sustainable cities and communities
Azra Habibovic

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Azra Habibovic

Senior Researcher

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