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Broad expertise in biofuel and its value chains

The government has targeted a fossil-free Sweden by 2050. A major focus is the aviation industry since the jet fuel today almost exclusively is fossil based. At RISE, researchers develop methods and technical solutions to produce renewable bio jet fuels, e.g. from lignin, as well as business models and value chains to facilitate the transition.

Aim and goal

RISE manages several projects and initiatives aimed at strengthening and developing the area of bio jet fuels. Activities range from technology development and technology demonstration to value chain development and innovative business models. An example is BioFlygArenan. RISE also participates in expert groups in the field and provides support and provides decision support to politicians and industry.


To replace fossil jet fuel with bio jet fuel.


If all fossil jet fuel could be replaced with bio jet fuel, it would be possible to more than half the climate impact from the aviation sector. RISE has a broad portfolio of projects and initiatives where we lead and/or participate in work to develop technology, system solutions, value chains and business models for the production and use of bio jet fuel for aviation.


Through collaboration with partners and customers to realize the production and use of bio-based aviation fuels, RISE contributes to the Government's aviation strategy and indirectly to the goals of the new climate law and to the transition towards a fossil free transport sector.


Project name

RISE Bio jet fuel



RISE role in project

Project leader, participant, expert (several projects)

Project start



Supports the UN sustainability goals

8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
13. Climate action