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Antenna systems centre ChaseOn

Antenna systems are available in wireless applications in communications, sensors, and power transmission. ChaseOn is a multidisciplinary competence center funded by Vinnova, which will build knowledge and skills to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of antenna systems to meet future challenges in wireless applications in a global market.

Antenna systems can be found in wireless applications within communication, sensors or power transmission, for instance.

Chase, which was one of Vinnova’s outstanding VINN Excellence Centres, made enormous progress in the field of antenna systems, but it faced new challenges over time. There are still challenges that need to be addressed where current antenna systems are not always sufficiently cost-effective, they do not offer sufficient performance or, perhaps, they are not sustainable from an energy resource perspective.

The new VINN ChaseOn Excellence Centre will be tackling challenges in the fields of communication, sensor systems and healthcare and will be working on microwave electronics in partnership with the new GHz centre at Chalmers University of Technology. This partnership is extremely important for developing the use of higher frequency bands as the lower bands are rapidly filling up. The higher frequency bands will allow large data volumes rapidly to be transmitted thanks to larger bands of clear frequencies. This is a new field for wireless technology (such as 5G).

ChaseOn’s vision is to be a world leading supplier of antenna system research and technologies for a competitive industry and a sustainable society.

As part of ChaseOn, RISE will be focusing on antenna systems for vehicle to vehicle communication and vehicle to infrastructure communication for the new technologies. The objective is to develop antenna system design and characterisation methods for 5G vehicles, above and below 6 GHz.


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2017-01-01 to 2121-12-31

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Volvo cars, Ericsson, Smarteq, Bluetest, Keysight


Vinnova VINN Excellence Center

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9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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Kristian Karlsson


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