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AIR - A distributed research environment for autonomous technology

AIR is a distributed research environment focusing on collaborative and interdisciplinary research on human interaction with a range of autonomous systems, for which RISE is responsible for autonomous systems in traffic.

Aim and goal

The work package of RISE explore the role of action intention recognition for the interaction between humans and automated vehicles to ensure a safe traffic environment. The goal is to understand the effect of action intention communication and to develop new methods and approaches for successful interaction with humans and automated vehicles.


For the foreseeable future, automated vehicles will exist in cooperation with other road users such as other vehicles, and vulnerable road users (e.g., pedestrians and bicyclists). There is an open research question how they should interact to ensure a safe traffic system.  How the communication between human and machine should be designed, for them to understand and predict each other´s actions and intentions, is an challenge yet to overcome.


The project explores the effect of communication for autonomous vehicles interacting with e.g., pedestrians and other manual drivers, within the traffic system. Concepts for intention communication, placed inside and/or outside (externally) an vehicle,  are being evolved via field studies, interviews, questionnaires, sketches, and evaluated to get insights on future communication needs. Methods and approaches for describing, classification and modelling of the behaviour of automated vehicles and humans for a successful interaction within the traffic system are developed.


RISE, together with its partners within AIR: University of Skövde, University of Halmstad, Örebro University, will contribute with interdisciplinary research beyond one single autonomous technology to shed light on the increasing autonomous system world we live in. The results from RISE will, in particular, guide future design of autonomous driving. Scientific contribution will be made within the area of user experience, automated driving, and modeling.


Project name

AIR-interacting with autonomous vehicles



RISE role in project

Work package leader Autonomous systems in traffic

Project start



Total budget

29 000 000


Skövde University, Örebro University, Halmstad University

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