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Ai-Move: the artificial intelligence platform that detects physical health-related conditions in the workplace

The Ai-Move project integrates Qinematic's Posture Scan, an optical sensor service that gathers detailed information about movement patterns. Ai-Move analyses all the scan data and other metadata to reveal existing or potential problems, often before symptoms arise. The data is visualised through a secure web app available to both the employee and the health service provider. Over time, individuals can see their own progress and compare it with population-based data. 

Marie Sjölinder, Activity Lead of Ai-Move explains: "Modern and personal motivating health services like Ai-Move can make employers more attractive, improve staff retention, increase productivity and reduce the risk and the cost, of sickness absence and job dissatisfaction."

The results are used by health providers to personalise recommended treatment plans, such as specific exercises, and individuals are also offered motivational support. Through scientifically-validated assessments and 3D visualisation, the service improves awareness and empowers people to be proactive about maintaining optimal health and/or compliance with rehabilitation plans. 

Affected employees respond much better to early and individualised interventions, and will enjoy a better quality of life, without the torment of physical pain or dysfunction at work.


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Artificial intelligence

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Activity Lead on the Ai-Move project and contributes to project management, machine learning and user-motivation methods.

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2017-10-01 - 2018-12-31

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Quinematic, Bright Cape, Oulu Universitetets Interact Research Group


EIT Digital, Action Line Digital Wellbeing

The UN sustainable development goals

3. Good health and well-being

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