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Adaptation of pyrolysis oil for coprocessing in conventional refineries

Fast pyrolysis is a promising thermochemical technology for converting low value biomass into renewable liquid fuel, known as pyrolysis oil.

This project will contribute so that a market introduction of renewable pyrolysis oil as a sustainable and viable complement to fossil raw material in current refinery processes can be achieved. However, raw pyrolysis oil contains compounds with unfavorable properties which mean that that an effective and viable conversion into fuel cannot be achieved in refineries today. Raw pyrolysis oil produced in pilot scale in Sweden will therefore in this project be adapted according to Swedish refinery processes requirements to obtain manageable oil with low water, oxygen and metal content. A national competence in the area will also be further developed that will support the Swedish companies when the market introduction will takes place.


Project name

Coprocessing of pyrolysis oil



RISE role in project

Project leader

Project start


3 years

Total budget

7 000 000 SEK



Project members

Ann-Christine Johansson

Contact person

Ann-Christine Johansson


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