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3D Printed Biomarine Wound Healing Accelerant

The EU project Aquaheal3D combines all renewable, marine sourced ingredients to develop a 3D-printed topical wound healing medical device. This is accomplished in collaboration with our partners Regenics AS and Charles River. The wound dressing contains an extract with bioactive substances from salmon roe that accelerates the healing of wounds.


The goal is to develop a 3D-printed wound dressing based on renewable marine raw materials that is clinically safety-tested and ready for a clinical study in patients. The dressing material is composed of alginate from seaweed and cellulose from tunicates. The wound dressing will also contain a patented extract originating from salmon roe that is manufactured by the Norwegian company Regenics AS. Salmon roe is a waste product from the fish farming industry and due to its strong skin regenerative and anti-inflammatory activity it is an excellent way to use a product that would otherwise be discarded. There are currently no wound dressings on the market that actively accelerate healing. Instead, products containing silver are often used, even though silver may have a negative effect on both the environment and humans.

The challenge is to incorporate the salmon roe extract in the wound dressing materials in such a way that the wound healing ability is maintained during storage, and to control the release of the extract into the wound to accelerate wound healing. 3D printing is a relatively new manufacturing technology that enables high production reproducibility and offers unmatched freedom of design for a tailored dressing with a structure that is optimized to protect the extract during storage and provide controlled release during use.


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3 years

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Regenics AS (NO), Charles River (US, DK)


ERA-NET BlueBio Cofund , FORMAS Sweden, The Research Council Norway, Innovation Fund Denmark


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3. Good health and well-being
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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