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Small, energy-efficient sensors measure the whole world

To measure is to know, and a sensor’s job is to measure. Integrated sensors which are connected to the internet can now be found virtually everywhere. These systems are called the Internet of Things (IoT). The sensors can measure everything from simple things, such as temperature at a point, to a complex disease diagnosis or the structural status of a bridge by collecting and analysing data from different types of sensors and sensor systems. 

Making large-scale IoT a reality requires massive development of innovative sensor technologies and sensors that are small, accurate, inexpensive and highly energy-efficient – or even self-sustaining. Here at RISE we are taking an active part in this development, while also further developing and refining more conventional sensor technology, and we can offer sensor characterisation and calibration. RISE brings together the most comprehensive expertise in the field of sensors and sensor systems, and offers unique resources in the form of testbeds and laboratories for sensor research and development.

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