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Plastics for pickling committee

Plastic materials are frequently used in process equipment for pickling in steelworks. The purpose of the Plastics for pickling committee, PPC, is to increase the knowledge of how plastic materials in process equipment are affected by acids such as nitric-, hydrofluoric-, hydrochloric- and sulphuric acid.

Within the Plastics for pickling committee, PPC, we want to increase the knowledge of our member companies about how pickling affects plastic material in process equipment. We do this through a close collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers of plastic process equipment and materials, as well as end users such as steelworks and construction companies.

PPC serves as a forum for knowledge exchange between members and RISE researchers, with the opportunity to effectively disseminate new information and research results.

Different projects are executed within PPC. Often a project idea has its origin in problems encountered by the steelworks. Such problems could be difficulties finding relevant corrosion data, unexpected failures or a general need for more knowledge in a specific area.

Activities within PPC

As a member of PPC, you can take advantage of :

  • Invitation to two member meetings per year, usually in May and November
  • Opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences with similar companies, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment and service personnel from steelworks
  • Take part of research results and external monitoring in the area
  • Ability to participate and plan upcoming activities in the network
  • Opportunity to influence future research and projects

Increased knowledge about plastic material in pickling acids

Here's how PPC works to increase the knowledge of plastic materials in contact with pickling acids:

  • Systematic laboratory exposures to generate in depth knowledge and relevant corrosion data for plastic materials in pickling acid environments
  • Field tests in pickling lines at steelworks to generate data under actual pickling environments
  • Analysis of replaced and failed equipment to generate knowledge abot failure mechanisms and long term performance of equipment and materials during long term service

Access to reports

As a member of PPC, you get access to reports from our projects, for example CORSA, Cost effective, reliable and safe acid management at European pickling plants.

Contact us for more information and to become a member of the network.

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Membership fee: SEK 72,700 for 2019. 
Please contact as for more information and to become a member. See contact information below. 

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