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Papermaking Network

Papermaking Network starts in the autumn of 2021 and is aimed at all Scandinavian pulp and paper mills. We will focus on process issues where you as a member can influence the studies that will be conducted jointly.

Papermaking Network aims to solve your daily problems in the production lines. We move in the existing pulp and paper processes, everything from raw material, pulp production and bleaching sequences to chemical issues and runnability and always with a holistic perspective. General process problems and directives can be raised here and together with our experts, relevant development projects are formed that go in step with your everyday life.

Together, we can create opportunities with the help of our combined skills, experience and the pilot facilities within RISE and the previously separate units Innventia, MoRe and PFI. With the merger, we have created an unbeatable team with the industry's greatest knowledge and resources - which we want you to get the most benefit and enjoyment from!

Focus areas:

  • Papermaking / paper machine
  • Refinery / fractionation
  • Stock preparation
  • Process water / process chemistry
  • Variability in the paper and pulp process

You have the opportunity to meet us during FEX's 40th anniversary on December 13, please come and discuss with us how you want a new network to suit you. How do we meet you in the best way? What needs do you have today and in the future? During 2023, we will form the network, hold interesting seminars within our focus areas for the Papermaking Network.

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Papermaking Network

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As a member, we want to give you a relevant forum with production-related issues and solutions that we hope will simplify your everyday life.

The content of the membership is under development and will be presented in its entirety here shortly.

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Tomas Anderson

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Tomas Anderson

Försäljningschef Massa,Papper & Förpackningar

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Lars Sundvall

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Lars Sundvall

Gruppchef Processteknik

+46 70 526 52 21

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Test & demo


A complete pilot environment for papermaking, with clients from all over the world.
Test & demo

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Test & demo

Malning pappersmassa

Malningslaboratoriet är en separat del av pilotpappersanläggningen FEX. Här kan malning av pappersmassa utföras i ett eller flera steg. Det är också möjligt att mala med recirkulering av en del av flödet.

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The kick-off that was planned for 25 November 2021 will be moved to the spring of 2022. We will present several project ideas on this page shortly. During the spring, we will also hold interesting seminars in our focus areas for t…