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Recycling of residual and demolition waste as aggregates in concrete and other construction products

We can help you with strategies and technical development for recycling of residual and demolition waste, as well as excavation masses to secondary aggregate in concrete and other construction products, such as bricks.

CDW-based sandwich element

Construction and demolition activities create large amounts of mineral waste. Today, most of this waste ends up in landfills or in low-quality applications, such as backfilling or levelling. Circularity in the construction sector supports the responsible use of concrete as a building material.

We work with research, strategies and technical development to increase recycling and reuse of demolition waste and excavation soil into new aggregates, concrete components, or other construction products such as bricks. Our range of work covers everything from the material and component development, to testing of materials and structural components.

Flexural strenght

We offer standardized testing of aggregates (primary and secondary) and concrete, as well as guidance on issues related to test selection, CE-marking and certification. Detailed experiments can also be conducted for the developed concrete materials and components (and other similar materials, like bricks) upon request.

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Linus Brander

Senior forskare

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