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Processing of polymeric materials and compounding

Indepth knowledge of production and processing of plastics and polymeric materials is one of RISE core competencies. We work with industries and products in which plastics and rubber are used. We assist with selection of processing technologies and we have modern facilities for compounding, extrusion and injection moulding.

The choice of manufacturing method and optimization thereof have a decisive impact on the properties of the finished product. Technologies for production and processing of plastics and polymeric materials are a central consideration in the context of failure analyses, product development, materials development and process improvements.

Equipment for plastics processing

RISE´s flexible, modern equipment facilitates custom processing and manufacturing for specific applications. Polymer blends and composite materials can be produced in everything from small batches in kneader mixers to continuous twin-screw compounding in pilot scale (up to 25 kg/hr). RISE mainly uses injection moulding and different extrusion techniques (profile, filament or coating extrusion) to produce test samples and prototypes. 

Plastics properties development

Within materials and product development the addition, at an early stage, of unique material properties and functions is increasingly important. This is normally done by blending in various additives. Often, the actual compounding process has a direct impact on the final result. From the materials produced we can make samples and prototypes in order to measure and assess their properties using a range of testing methods.

Recycling of plastics

Recycling is another of RISE's core competencies. Here, our knowledge of processing technologies is crucial for correctly assessing the recycling and upgrading potential of recovered plastic materials. For more information regarding plastic recycling visit the homepage of the testbed for plastic recycling.

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