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Optimized recycling of food waste

Generated food waste must be sorted out and handled separately according to national environmental goals (for best recovery). In addition, according to the EU's circular economy package, source separation of food waste must also be compulsory and offered to all citizens.

Large resources have been, and even now is invested, in implementing systems for source sorting and treatment of food waste.

When building up the system, it is important to consider the entire chain from the individual's participation, collection and treatment technology to produced goods becoming useful and demanded by the end user. Food waste is primarily to be prevented, but for optimized recovery with minimal losses, the sorted food waste needs to be treated as a valuable raw material.

Today, biogas and bio fertilizer are exclusively produced from the food waste that is sorted out. This production has development potential while future alternative and complementary processes for eg fertilizer products, feed or bioplastics can provide new opportunities. RISE possess the knowledge and holistic approach which allows relevant projects which take the whole chain in consideration; sorting, handling, quality assurance, pre-treatment and options for utilization. Together we take on the following challenges:

  • choice of a suitable collection system for food waste
  • workflow and planning for implementing systems for sorting food waste
  • improvement measures for better sorting quality, quality assurance and reduced losses in the collection and handling of food waste
  • assessment of alternative processes for recycling of food waste

In this area, RISE offers investigations and interdisciplinary project development in research and innovation projects.

With a wide range of competences along the entire chain - sorting, logistics, biological treatment and utilization of recycled products - we create projects with a holistic approach for optimized recycling of food waste.

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