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Lamination of glass

Laminated glass has been on the market for some time, but new areas of use are still identified. This type of glass is used for different purposes, amongst other to create safety glass, new material combinations and to add functionality to the glass, so called "smart glass". To encourage a development of the technology RISE offers its expertise.

ground work for laminating glass
Photo: Elisabeth Flygt
förberedelse av lamineringsporv av färgat EVA-laminat


RISE is helping the industry to develop new products, and to identify solutions to problems occurring in the process and manufacturing. We also help to create new material combinations and can evaluate laminates and help in development of new laminate materials. 

Laminated glas and wood
Photo: Elisabeth Flygt
Glass and wood laminated to a product. This sample was produced with EVA.


To combine glass with new materials and to add glass as a covering layer to increase the resilience and lifespan is some of the challenges RISE is working with.

To choose the laminate most suited for a new product can be challenging. RISE can offer support in identifying and choosing suitable materials and suppliers combined with tests to evaluate the different materials.

RISE offer

At RISE we have the unique possibility to offer specialist knowledge combined with lamination equipment in lab scale where we can produce prototypes for evaluation in tests. We create unique programs for every specific lamination and can perform multiple tests. 

RISE offers the possibility to develop new products form ideas and contribute with material knowledge to create a unique optimised solution.