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Plattform meeting Svenska Näringsplattformen

Svenska näringsplattformen invites to this year's event in sustainable business feedback from sewage. This year, the platform meeting will for the first time be offered as a two-day conference.

Two days on nutrient return from sewage!

Day 1 will kick off at the Global Water Awards-winning RecoLab in Helsingborg with lots of interesting lectures. Day 2, the participants will be offered a trip to Biofos in Denmark to take part in how they work with resource efficiency and nutrient recovery at their treatment plants.

As a participant, you get an updated picture of what is happening in the area and our inspiring speakers can guide your organization how you contribute to increased resource recycling from sewage. During the conference, we will, among other things, address topics such as soil health and impacts from VA, markets for recycled products and new regulations. We will also hear about the Macro 1, 2 and 3 projects that will be completed this year, with results and lessons learned on nutrient recycling via source-sorting sewage systems and food waste.

The first day ends with a study visit to RecoLab's experimental facility - do not miss this!

In addition to this, there are plenty of opportunities to network with other actors who are interested in nutrient recycling from sewage.

What is included?

Day 1: The conference fee includes coffee and lunch day 1 and for those who wish, a conference dinner is offered at cost price in the evening.

Day 2: The second day is a study trip to Denmark. Travel, simple lunch and coffee are included in the fee (please note that ID cards are required, and that the trip may be affected by any travel restrictions).

About Svenska Näringsplattformen

The Swedish Nutrient Platform was established to support, facilitate and overcome obstacles to enable a system change where the nutrients in wastewater are part of a clean cycle in synergy with the global sustainability goals.

Event information
18 Oct 2022 - 19 Oct 2022
Atlantgatan 8, Helsingborg, Sweden
30 September 2022

Member Svenska Näringsplattformen 4500 kr exkl VAT
Non-member Svenska Näringsplattformen 7000 kr exkl VAT



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