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AI accelerating the development process of pharmaceuticals

Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) create ground-breaking opportunities for optimizing the drug development process. The processes for finding, creating, testing, and assessing future medications can be significantly accelerated thanks to technology.

The Pharma Office warmly welcome you to a digital breakfast seminar on Friday, October 7, with the focus on small and medium-sized pharmaceutical businesses, on the topic of "How can AI contribute to pharmaceutical development?"

The advantages and potential of AI for businesses engaged in drug development will be discussed for an hour by Matilda Bäckberg, project manager for the Pharma Office, Erik Ylipää, researcher in AI, and Ian Cotgreave, professor of toxicology and strategist in drug development. 

Traditionally, many years of research are required to evaluate a new drug. A major challenge during the development process is often to efficiently and with high quality convert large amounts of data into new insights that take the project to the next stage. This is where AI comes into play! 

AI enables the optimization and streamlining of processes, as well as prediction, among other things by: 

• discover new APIs 

• generate and rank new ideas for molecules 

• synthesize and test molecules 

• image analysis 

Digital breakfast seminar, AI accelerating the development process of pharmaceuticals
07 Oct 2022
The seminar is broadcasted on Teams
7 October 2022

Free of charge

Matilda Bäckberg


Matilda Bäckberg


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