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Technical cleanliness

Training in industrial particle and surface cleanliness (technical cleanliness)

Knowledge and control are very important in the industry today. This is something that RISE, FougsTech AB and Viverk have taken note of. Based on previous trainings and the feedback from its participants, we have now further developed the concept and can now offer an even more initiated education in the area of industrial technical cleanliness.

The training alternates theory and practice with practical experience from both industry and research. During the training, everything from technical cleanliness, requirements, standards, analysis methods, process steps, maintenance of cleanliness and washing technology is treated.

Together, three market-leading players offer different specializations with the goal of educating you both in depth and breadth.

You are very welcome to get the latest in this exciting topic that can be crucial for large parts of industry and workshops!

Target audience

This training aims for anyone confronted with the quality factor technical cleanliness in their daily work in the automotive sector and suppliers, such as construction, quality assurance, purchasing and sales personnel. Due to the similar cleanliness requirements in the sectors aerospace, hydraulics and precision engineering, this training is also suitable for personnel from these backgrounds. No prior knowledge required.


SEK 5,500 per participant. When registering more than three participants from the same company, a discount of SEK 1,000 per participant is given from and including participant number three. The price includes food, coffee and educational materials.

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27 september 2022 - Mölndal
Argongatan 30, Mölndal
27 Sep 2022
5500 SEK
10 out of 35

Emma Holmström

Researcher and expert, RISE

Researcher and expert in the subject of standards, measurement methods, analysis methods who lectures on the following areas:

Standards (ISO, VDA etc.)
The analysis process
Logistics, storage and assembly
Extended analysis (SEM, LIBS).

Dan Fougstedt

Specialist Technical Cleanliness, FougsTech AB

Specialist Technical Cleanliness with many years of experience in product development from Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks. Dan Fougstedt lectures on the following areas:

Wear and breakdowns caused by lack of technical cleanliness
Requirements and construction
Maintaining technical cleanliness in production.

Michael Wickell

CEO, Viverk AB

Michael Wickell has extensive experience in the industry and will lecture on and train in washing technology, chemistry, to meet customers' and future requirements in the following areas:

Washing effects
Washing principles
What is possible to achieve, what is the baseline.


Agenda - morning

08:00 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.

  • Welcome!
  • Presentation RISE and introduction technical cleanliness.
  • Consequences of insufficient cleanliness
  • Coffee and sandwiches
  • Lab view. Cleanliness lab + SEM
  • Extended analysis, SEM, LIBS, FTIR
  • Requirements and construction.


12:10 p.m. - 13:00 p.m.

Agenda - afternoon

13:00 p.m. - 16:30 p.m.

  • Standards and methods of analysis.
  • Short break
  • Washing technique
  • Coffee break
  • Logistics, storage and assembly
  • Control and routines. 5S
  • Summary and question time.
Emma Holmström

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Emma Holmström


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Ann-Charlotte Borggren


Ann-Charlotte Borggren


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