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Webinar: Chemicals in electronics in consumer products

Electronics are found in a variety of consumer goods. It's not just about computers and household appliances, but everything that contains a battery or a lamp counts as an electronic product. At this breakfast seminar, you will get an introduction to the legislation that applies to electronics and you will learn more about the effect of the electronics tax. Welcome!

Flame retardants and heavy metals are an example of hazardous substances that can be found in various types of electronic products.

At this seminar, you will get an introduction to the legislation for electronics, RoHS, and hear about the effects of the Swedish chemicals tax that was introduced in 2017. The seminar is held in Swedish, so for more information and registration, visit the Swedish page

Date: March 11

Time: 8:30-10:00

Where: Digital

For more information and registration visit the Swedish page



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