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XPM - Experimental paper machine for research, development and problem solving

The XPM is a cost-efficient tool for testing and evaluation of new applications for pulp and chemicals. Continuous development of the XPM and its possibilities for web forming ensures a high quality pilot trial experience.

XPM can produce paper in a grammage range of 15-250 g/m2 depending on the pulp structure and composition. This machine can function as a pre-trial evaluation for smaller scale research and development before moving on to a larger pilot machine or full-scale trials.

This web former has a width of 225 mm and is of fourdrinier type, it has a press section, a drying section with the same heat capacity as in full-scale paper machines, as well as a size press. The XPM is also equipped with a yankee cylinder for tissue or MG-paper and it comes with an extended equipment for layer-on-layer technique enabling the construction of building up charges on the pulp fibers. The speed of the XPM is in proportion to that of a larger sized paper machine.

Additional equipment consists of a conical Escher-Wyss refiner, which gives equal refining as to a pulp mill, a large 1m3 pulp chest as well as and 4 smaller sized chests. The surrounding equipment also includes numerous access points for chemicals. The XPM is equipped with a smaller pope section for collecting paper rolls, for easier transference to additional finishing such as coating or other surface treatments.

Using the XPM, you can evaluate new or different pulp composition or structure, test variations in pulp characteristics, scan over a grammage or dryness range or test different dosages of chemicals. The access points for the chemicals are located at the same positions as with a full-scale pilot machine and can be adjusted based on the needs of the customer.

Normally, paper mills or chemical suppliers use the XPM for screening trials in order to find the right parameters for a mill trial, or to create an entirely new product, for example web formed materials on existing industrial techniques. The XPM is also an important machine in research projects conducted by on-site based Researchers.


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Isolated testbeds (IT)


Pulp, paper and packaging


Bioeconomy, Pulp and paper


Region Västernorrland