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Test bed for textile recycling

In this world-unique facility at RISE, services in regard to processing of textile material destined for material recycling are available. We also offer prototyping and evaluation of materials and products based on recycled raw material.

The testbed for textile recycling offers a wide range of opportunities to experiment, test, and evaluate the recycling of textile materials; both in processes for recycling and manufacturing of new materials and products from the recycled material.

  • Support in technical matters regarding materials, construction, recycling technologies, analyses, durability and questions regarding chemicals in textiles.
  • Mechanical treatment and deconstruction of textiles in a pilot scale textile tearing machine.
  • Compounding, injection molding, extrusion, melt spinning, wet spinning, and melt blown.
  • Prototype production of yarn, textile, composite, plastic details, and nonwoven materials.
  • Knitting, weaving, confectioning, and finishing.
  • Mechanical test methods such as impact strength, tensile strength and modulus, melt viscosity, hardness, density, thermal stability, and others.
  • Chemical analysis lab for analysis of chemicals in textiles and other end products.


Testbed name

Test bed for textile recycling



Testbed category

Laboratory testbeds (LT)




Circular transition, Material transition, Textile

Strategic innovation program



Västra Götaland Region

Visiting address Argongatan 30, 431 53 Mölndal

Jehona Sjöberg


+46 10 228 46 52

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