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A test facility for energy efficient and smart housing solutions

Internationally unique because it gathers the whole value chain from raw materials to fully developed product concepts.

The research villa is a near-zero energy one-family dwelling where you can test your product in real-life with a real climate and with a definite or varied type of accommodation. Over 100 measurement points detect, at a detail level, how different installation solutions, components or user-behaviors affect performance and function of the system.

The villa is built with special regard to have a well-insulated, tight and moisture-proof building structure, as well as energy-efficient installation technology. It is possible to simulate that a real family lives in the villa using so-called "manikins" and robots that control tap water flow, etc. Currently the plant consists of:

  • A well-insulated and air-tight building
  • Kitchen equipment and two bathrooms with shower
  • Heat pump with borehole
  • Heat recovery air handling unit (FTX)
  • Extraction hood (with possibility of separate supply air duct)
  • Solar cells with inverter
  • Floor heating
  • Radiator system
  • Industrial data acquisition system with sensors


Testbed name

The Research Villa



Testbed category

Isolated testbeds (IT)


Buildings and infrastructure, Energy and Clean Tech



Strategic innovation program



Västra Götalandsregionen

Visiting address Brinellgatan 4, 504 62 Borås

Lisa Ossman

Contact person

Lisa Ossman


+46 10 516 58 73

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