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Joining of lightweight and high-strength structures based on multi-materials

One of Europe’s most complete facilities for testing and demonstrating the joining of various materials to produce advanced structures.

The Joining for lightweight technologies test facility focuses on lightweight, high-strength structures based on multi-materials. The test facility is flexible and combines many different techniques and methods, making it an important national resource in the field.

The joining laboratory works to test, optimise and verify new joining technologies on a demonstrator scale. The joining laboratory has links with surrounding laboratories, which evaluate strength and corrosion in various environments and offer geometric measurement, microscopy and non-destructive testing.

The facility is currently an important development resource for companies in the automotive industry, as well as for the steel and metals industry. Projects are also run in partnership with manufacturing industries, in areas such as new materials, workshops, the aerospace industry and infrastructure.


Testbed name

Joining for lightweight technologies



Testbed category

Isolated testbeds (IT)


Automotive and transport, Materials, Mining and metal


Production and manufacturing

Strategic innovation program



Region Stockholm

Visiting address Isafjordsgatan 28 A, 164 40 Kista