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Cold Climate Test Centre

In northern Sweden there are large uninhabited areas with the potential to provide energy through wind power. However, technology set to endure freezing temperatures and icy winds needs to be tested. Our unique test site in Uljaubouda gives you exactly this chance, as RISE and Skellefteå Kraft together offers you the chance to certify components and educate personnel for wind power in cold climate.

  • Excellent conditions for testing wind turbines, turbine components or sub systems in cold climate conditions.
  • An opportunity to regularly perform tests based on the industry’s constant technological development.
  • An easily accessible test site – for engineers and technicians, as well as turbines and other components.
  • Comfortable training opportunities for service personnel in cold climate conditions.
  • Full test and validation service during the product development phase.
  • Accurate wind measurements from precision instruments mounted on the test centre’s meteorological masts.
  • A location calibrated and prepared for certification of cold climate editions of wind turbines.
  • Tests following the current standards for low temperature wind power.

 The test site will provide an opportunity to build wind turbines or other types of energy generating equipment up to a height of 330 meters for testing.


Testbed name

Cold Climate Test Centre



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Testbeds in real life (TR)


Energy and Clean Tech


Energy, Climate adaptation


Region Norrbotten

Stefan Ivarsson

Stefan Ivarsson


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