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Chemical treatment of biomass

Pilot park for the production of pulp from wood and the treatment of biomass.

The facility is used to chemically treat biomass, mainly wood.

  • All modern boiling processes can be simulated, including the production of cellulose for textile fibres and other special celluloses. We can also produce sugar from wood.
  • A flexible system consisting of a four-tank digester/chemical reactor. The process conditions can be varied: time, temperature, displacement of liquids, levels in pulping liquors. Liquids can be both added and removed.
  • Simulate shearing and compression to mimic the industrial conditions to which the chips are exposed in the digester.
  • Bioreactor in which up to 40 kg of wood per batch can be treated. The bioreactor can also be used to extract various wood substances and further refine them, for example, the production of hemicellulose and lignin from digester lyes.
  • Both large joint R&D projects and bilateral projects involving individual companies use Innventia’s testbed for pulp production.


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Testbed category

Isolated testbeds (IT)


Materials, Pulp, paper and packaging




Region Stockholm

Visiting address Drottning Kristinas väg 61, 114 28 Stockholm