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Antimicrobial Materials, Surfaces and Coatings

Antimicrobial materials, surfaces and coatings are increasingly used in variety of products and devices intended for infection control and hygienic applications. However, the development of new antimicrobial materials and devices also requires a wide range of expertise and methods, as well as knowledge of regulatory requirements.

Besides the general knowledge of surface and materials science, RISE can assist with:

Our experimental facilities cover a wide range of surface chemical and physical characterisation techniques (AFM, SEM, profilometry, Raman, FTIR, XPS, EDX, TOF-SIMS, XRF, equipment for surface energy and wettability determination, mechanical testing and accelerated aging). We have several dedicated microbiology labs for surface antimicrobial efficiency testing according ISO 22196 (Measurement of Antibacterial Activity on Plastic Surfaces), ISO 27447 (Test for Antimicrobial Activity of Photocatalytic Materials), JIS Z 2801 (Japanese Test for Antimicrobial Activity and Efficacy), Standard Zone of Inhibition Test (Kirby Bauer Qualitative Test for Growth Inhibition), Certika, MIC and other related methods. We also offer services of a GLP-approved cell biology lab for biocompatibility/cytotoxicity and skin-irritation testing required to assure that the materials not only efficiently kill bacteria, fungi or virus but also are safe to the users. 

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Anitmicrobial Materials

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Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Buildings and infrastructure, Health and Life Sciences, Food and agriculture, Materials, Pulp, paper and packaging, Security and defence


Infection control, Chemical and biological analysis, Medical devices, Risk and safety, Textile, Surface technology

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Sarunas Petronis

Sarunas Petronis


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