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Tanja Tränkle


Tel +46 10 516 57 19


Location Göteborg

Unit Förnybar energi från vind och hav (105305)

Tanja works with wind energy in demanding environments and the wind power's circularity and sustainability.
For example, she establishes a full-scale test site for wind power in cold climates with the possibility of renting test pads and establishing tailor-made measuring infrastructure to meet test needs. The test center in northern Sweden welcomes research projects and collaborations for the development of sensors, sensor systems, forecasting tools and the development of materials and systems are possible.
Tanja also works with offshore wind power for the Baltic Sea with the technical challenges in frameworks and permits, environmental issues, foundations, wind turbines, electrical connection / cables, installation / de-installation (decomissioning) and conditions in logistics and in ports are issues that are concerned . Opportunities for business at local and regional level are also an important issue.
Renewable energy should be ever smarter, reduce the environmental impact further and contribute to a robust and resilient electricity system.