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SHIC: International cooperation

Social Outcomes Contracting has received increased attention as a model to tackle societal and health-related challenges in Nordic countries. Although the design of the Social Outcomes Contracts has some common features in the different countries, the level of experience, target areas, and involved actors differ. Hence, knowledge exchange is a crucial part of the development and optimization of Social Outcomes Contracts. In 2017 RISE, together with the Finnish SITRA, initiated the Nordic Network to enable an exchange of experiences and knowledge among key stakeholders in the public and the private sector.

The network meets twice a year, rotating between Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The agenda consists of both common sessions and sessions where the strategic and operational perspectives are treated respectively. The separate sessions allow for discussions to be focused while the common sessions enable a shared understanding. Specific models and stakeholders involved will vary, but a constant factor is that in the Nordics, the public sector is a key player to drive change and achieve scale. Thus, the primary target for the network is to influence the way the public sector understands the challenge along with possible solutions. 

The focus of the network is the Nordics, but close cooperation and exchange with the European and the global context are envisaged. The network is open to public and private organizations with an active role in developing the field of impact investing in Nordic countries. The ability and willingness to share learnings, designs, and models is an important prerequisite for being a part of the network.