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RISE internal guidelines regarding the coronavirus

(Preamle updated February 9, 8.30 AM)

RISE has a contingency team that is following developments and holding regular coronavirus debriefing meetings. The contingency team continuously decides on guideline updates based on the recommendations of Swedish authorities. 

General guidelines

(Updated April 1, 16:42 PM)

Our internal guidelines are based on the guidelines of the of the Swedish Public Health Agency. They apply even if you have previously had covid-19 or have been vaccinated. Employees working in other countries than Sweden are adviced to contact their immediate supervisor for local guidelines.

Employees with symptoms

We urge all to continue monitor for symptoms. If you have symptoms, however mild, of COVID-19, stay home. This applies even if you have a negative rapid test result. Read more on the Swedish Public Health Agency's website.

The Public Health Agency recommends that adults who are not vaccinated take special precautions. Read more on the Swedish Public Health Agency's website.

We urge employees to contact their healthcare provider for questions regarding vaccination for COVID-19. Employees do not need to take out leave to vaccinate themselves, as they are granted a so called "permission". 

Risk groups

Individual employees that belong to a risk group, feel worried our a have questions about how to handle your situation, please consult with your most immediate manager. If you are a manager and need additional support, start by contacting your manager.

RISE facilities/workplaces

Until August 15 there will be a gradual return to our office workplaces for those employees who have been working from home during the pandemic. After that, our home working policy applies. During the gradual return, we will move towards approximately 40 percent work time at home, where the business allows.

We are continuously assessing the work environment of our work places and for those employees working from home. Employees that have questions of feedback on the work environment are urged to contact their immediate manager. 

Meetings and visits to clients

RISE no longer have any specifik restrictions as regards to meetings and visits to clients.


RISE no longer have any specifik restrictions as regards to travels.


RISE no longer have any specifik restrictions as regards to events.

Our operations continues

In addition to the consideration of everyones health , we carry on working for sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening the competitiveness and development of industries. We do this by a continuous delivery on our assignments and by contributing with our expertise in finding solutions to shared challenges - for both companies and society as a whole.