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RISE internal guidelines regarding the coronavirus

RISE has a contingency team that is following developments and holding regular coronavirus debriefing meetings. The contingency team continuously decides on precautionary measures to reduce the spread of infection. 

General guidelines - updated 11 August (18.15 am)

Employees with symptoms

All with symptoms of sniffing, coughing or fever, even mild ones, is urged to refrain from meeting other people, to minimise the risk of transmitting infection. This can help reduce the extent of the spread. If an employee feels symptoms, they shall stay at home as long as they feel unwell and wait at least two days after being free of symptoms before returning to work. Employees may return to work if having residual dry cough, and if it there has been 7 days since they became ill and they are otherwise symptom-free for at least two days.The individual situation is assessed in dialogue with the employees immediate superior.

Risk group

Individual employees that belong to the risk group or that has someone in their immediate surroundings that belong to the risk group, we encourage to keep a dialogue with their manager about how the situation should be handled

RISE facilities/workplaces

All employees who have tasks that can be performed remotely are expected to work from home, in order to further limit the spread of infection, with exception of important business meetings. These meetings are coordinated with the SVP or Function Manager. This applies starting on 11 August.

To avoid the spread of infection, we urge you to keep a distance from one another in the workplace, as well as to regularly wash your hands with soap and water or otherwise use hand spray.

As regards visits to our workplaces from customers and partners from other EU countries, the same precautions apply as for our employees, i.e. in accordance with our internal guidelines.

Meetings and visits to clients

We encourage you to conduct all meetings online, whether internal or with customers and partners.

If an employee still needs to travel to a customer site or project, they will also need to check which coronavirus guidelines apply at that customer’s company or organisation. These trips must also be approved by the SVP and Function Head.


For international trips a travel ban is in place. Exemptions must be granted by the SVP or Function Head. The travel ban is effective from March 20. 

For domestic business trips, a travel ban remains in effect except for business-critical meetings, which must be coordinated with the SVP or Function Head and shall be conducted in accordance with the Public Health Authority's recommendations. This applies starting 11 August

The travel restrictions helps to reduce the spread of infection, contributes to our sustainability and is part of controlling our costs.

For any other travel, including travel to and from work, we urge employees to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Public Health Authority stresses the importance of travellers distancing and practising good hand hygiene. Those travelling should walk, cycle or use other modes of transport as a first choice before opting for public transport. Modes of transport where you cannot reserve a seat, such as trams, subways and city buses, should be avoided. Those who are sick should not travel at all and risk groups in particular should think twice about travelling and entertaining visitors

From March 14 the Ministry of Foreign affairs lifted its advice against non-essential travel to a number of countries within EU, EES and Schengen as well as to all other countries in the world. You find up to date information from the Ministry of Foreign affairs here:

International events

As regards international events, up to and including December, we will cancel or postpone the events that we arrange on our own. For other events where we are co-organisers, we will conduct a dialogue to clarify our position. We are closely following developments, and will gradually take decisions about international events onwards as time progresses.

National event

As regards events in Sweden, up to and including December, they must be converted to digital events or hybrid events, otherwise they may be postponed. We are closely following developments and will take decisions about events onwards as time progresses.

Internal training

Internal training, up to December, will be conducted online or moved to a later date.

External educations

Training/education activities for customers, up to and including December, must be converted to digital or hybrid training. If part of the training needs to take place in our premises, the authority's guidelines must be followed, i.e. below 50 participants in a room with the possibility of distance. We follow the developments and make decisions about training onwards.

Please visit our education catalogue to see guidelines for external courses, workshops, seminars, etcetera.

Recruitment processes

Our ambition is to continue with ongoing recruitment processes. If, for any reason, a recruitment process needs to be paused, ended or is thought to take longer time than planned, we will inform the candidates about this. We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and therefore interviews might be held digitally.

Our operations continues

In addition to the consideration of everyones health , we carry on working for sustainable growth in Sweden by strengthening the competitiveness and development of industries. We do this by a continuous delivery on our assignments and by contributing with our expertise in finding solutions to shared challenges - for both companies and society as a whole.