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Access to future technologies

The success for Swedish companies depend on the access to the right technology at the right time and at the right place. It can be new sustainable materials, cloud services, AI, automation, robotics or additive manufacturing creating new opportunities. A project will gather industry, institutes and academy to form a vision and a road map for Swedish industry. Take part of the half-time project results and join the dialogue about how Swedish research and innovation politics can support the road-map vision. 


  • Andreas Aurelius, Enhetschef uppkopplad industri, Vinnova
  • Torbjörn Lundahl, Research director, Ericsson
  • Åsa Pettersson, Head of Public Affairs and Sustainability, Scania
  • Pia Sandvik, vd, RISE
  • Klas Wåhlberg, vd, Teknikföretagen
  • Pia Brandtgärde-Linder, Senior Vice President Northern Europe, ABB AB
  • Per-Olof Sjöberg, Moderator, Affärsområdeschef Digitalisering, RISE

Information about the event

Organiser: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Day: July 2, 2019

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Language: Swedish

Place: The theatre, RISE garden, Wisby Creative Center, Strandgatan 1

Link to the Almedal programme

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