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PTFE in bike chain lubricating oils – essential use or future ban?

Many brands advertise the content of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) in their bike chain lubricating oils for bicycles and motorcycles. PTFE is part of the group of substances PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances), a chemical group of substances where its use is increasingly being questioned. RISE, Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution and POPFREE invite you to a webinar focusing on PFAS chemicals and ongoing development towards PFAS-free alternatives.

The purpose of this webinar is to spread knowledge and increase awareness of PFAS chemicals among manufacturers, retailers and suppliers of bike chain lubricating oils and similar oils. You will hear experts on PFAS, legislation and assessment of alternatives and can ask your specific questions to the experts.

If you are from another industry and want to learn more about PFAS, you are also welcomed to participate.

Why care about PFAS?

PFAS is the name of an industrially produced group of substances with more than 4,700 different identified substances, which includes fluoropolymers such as PTFE. Due to its unique properties, such as water and dirt repellence, high temperature stability and film-forming properties, PFAS is used in many different consumer products such as textiles, food packaging, ski waxes, cosmetics, furniture, electronics and lubricating oils such as chain oils for bikes.

PFAS has gained increased attention globally over the past twenty years as PFAS substances have been shown to be widespread in both nature, animals and human blood, although there are no natural sources. A particularly notable use is fire-fighting foam, where its use has led to pollution of many drinking water sources. Several substances in this substance group have also been linked to various health concerns. PFAS substances are persistent, i.e. they are extremely difficult to degrade and remain so when released into nature.

Increased demand for PFAS-free alternatives

Both industries and consumers are more and more promoting sustainability and are also getting more aware of the concerns with PFAS. With voluntary initiatives and the pull from consumers, demanding PFAS-free alternatives and solutions, push from existing and upcoming regulations is leading to a transition to PFAS-free products. Despite the development, there is still a lack of awareness in many industries about PFAS and what alternatives there are. That is why we now want to invite your industry to this webinar.


When: 3 December 2020

Time:  14:00-16:00, CET

Where: Online through Teams, you will get a link when you register

Price: Free of charge

For whom: Producers, retailers and suppliers of bike chain lubricating oils and similar oils. The webinar is also open for other companies dealing with PFAS-containing products.

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  • Introduction to PFAS, their concerns and the promotion of PFAS-free alternatives – Lisa Skedung, Project Manager at RISE and POPFREE
  • How to work with substitution – Tonie Wickman, Senior Advisor at Swedish Centre for Chemical Substitution, RISE
  • PTFE from a life cycle perspective and essential uses – Ian Cousins, Professor at Stockholm University
  • PFAS Alternatives - Changing Forever to Never – Jonatan Kleimark, Chemicals and Business Advisor at ChemSec
  • PFAS regulation today and tomorrow – Jenny Ivarsson, Strategic Advisor at the Swedish Chemicals Agency

Webinar language will be English

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