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Project SPRUCE: presentation of survey results

This online workshop on the 16th of September will present the results from a recent survey about quality assurance of numerical simulations conducted among practitioners in Swedish industry.

The presentation will be followed by an open discussion focusing on the needs and challenges identified through the survey and the role that standardization could play in advancing quality assurance of numerical simulations for industrial applications.

A recent survey conducted within the project SPRUCE investigated the current practices for quality assurance of numerical simulations in Swedish industry. The survey targeted the process of building up confidence in numerical simulations as a tool to support decision-making tasks in product design and development. Organizational and technical factors such as data management, analysis planning, uncertainty quantification and model validation have a potential impact on the credibility assessment of numerical simulations and therefore they were taken into account in the questionnaire. Simulation experts from several industrial sectors (e.g. automotive, construction, energy) and technical fields (e.g. FEA, CFD) answered the survey and the analysis of the collected data will be presented to the general public during this remote workshop on the 16th September.  

The main trends and challenges emerging from the survey data will be identified through an open discussion session after the presentation. The participants will be encouraged to interact about questions related to simulation governance, data management, model validation and standardization. The feedback about the survey together with the additional input generated by the workshop will be elaborated into a strategic vision and a roadmap for filling current gaps in the quality control of numerical simulations, thus facilitating the creation of competitive advantages in industry with the help of numerical modelling.

The material which is going to be presented and discussed should be particularly relevant for practitioners of numerical simulations, CAE/R&D managers, responsible for verification, validation and quality assurance of computational analysis for industrial applications. 

The workshop is free of charge and will be run remotely via Zoom and it is open to the general public upon registration.     

Information about the event

Date: 2020-09-16

Time: 9:30 - 14:30 (with 30 min lunch)

Location: Zoom

Last day to register: 2020-09-15


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