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Audio Mostly - RISE Interactive drives sound design internationally

17 August 2017, 05:57

With the Audio Mostly conference, RISE Interactive puts sound design on the map internationally. This year's event will be held in London on August 23-26 on the theme Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Experiences.

Sound doesn't need to be just noise. It affects all the environments in which we find ourselves; homes, factories, offices, cars, shopping centres etc. With the right audio design, we can create everything from safer roads to more efficient industry.
RISE, Sweden's leading independent research institute, are now gathering the world's top sound designers for the 11th International Audio Mostly conference. Launched by RISE Interactive in 2006 (formerly Interactive Institute Swedish ICT) this annual conference offers a unique venue for sound design and interaction with sound. The event brings together sound researchers and industry representatives from around the world. Audio mostly has been responsible for instigating and encouraging the growth of a strong community and the creation of valuable networks in this specialist field.

-Audio Mostly is an established research conference, working at an international level, where researchers in audio design share their results and exchange experiences about sound design and its future possibilities, says Johan Fagerlönn, chairman of Audio Mostly and Senior Researcher at RISE Interactive, Piteå.

Audio Mostly 2017 will be held on August 23-26 at Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom. Theme of the year is “Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Experiences”.

The four-day conference program includes more than 70 contributions with a rich set of oral poster and demo sessions, workshops, keynote talks and music concerts. RISE Interactive is represented by Johan Fagerlönn who will present a paper about the development of a multimodal warning display for a paper mill control room.

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Johan Fagerlönn, Senior Researcher RISE Interactive and chairman Audio Mostly,  phone: +46 70 368 10, mail