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Xinmei Feng


Tel +46 10 516 69 33


Location Uppsala

Unit Processteknik, säkerhet och hygien (101205)

Ph.D in food microbiology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. Postdoc at Uppsala University and Linköping University in molecular analysis of microbial communities in biogas reactor.

My work focuses on the development of food and feed through the fermentation of bacteria, fungi and yeast. I have extensive experience in environmental and food microbiology.
I have special expertise in microbial interaction and development / optimization of fermentation processes. In addition, I specialize in the development of tempeh products and vegetarian yogurt and cheese from legumes.

Previously, I have also worked with biogas processes on a laboratory scale. Then with analysis of biogas potential of different types of substrates. I have extensive experience in HPLC and GC analysis.