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Sudhanshu Pawar


Tel +46 10 516 62 09


Location Lund

Unit Industriell omställning (104105)

ORCID 0000-0001-5834-2503

Experienced Researcher and Technology developer with expertise as below,
•Bioprocess development at TRL 3/4: a) Developed technology for biological reduction of sulphate in industrial process water at temperature below 7 °C, b) Developed bioprocess for genetically-modified yeast to produce specific platform chemicals using industrially relevant raw materials, c) Developed technology for biological hydrogen production using industrially relevant raw materials
•Laboratory design and set-up: Designed and implemented a laboratory set-up, reactors designs, laboratory methods, protocols and routines for the experimental studies within the broad area anaerobic microbiology.
•Technology scale-up: expertise with scale up of – a) biological sulphate reduction process to TRL 6/7, and b) biological hydrogen production to TRL 5/6
•Systems Biology: a) Modified genome-scale models of genetically-modified Saccharomyces cerevisiae for FBA analysis in various projects concerning biological production of platform chemicals, b) developed osmotolerant strains of bacteria using methods of Adaptive Laboratory Evolution (ALE)