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Petra Edoff

Enhetschef/ Fokusområdesledare RISE interna digitalisering

Tel +46 10 228 44 23


Location Västerås

Unit Användarcentrerad digitalisering (102201)

ORCID 0000-0003-4077-6949

Petra is a Senior researcher and director for the User-centered digitalization unit. She also coordinates RISE internal digitalization activities.

Petra's interest and expertise revolves around collaborations combining industry, academia and public actors within innovation and product development projects. Specific areas of interest include organizational development, innovation management, global collaboration projects (i.e. offshoring/outsourcing), and sustainable development. Petra has experience from research projects involving India, China and Ukraine.

Petra has participated in projects in various industries such as robotics, telecom, district heating, as well as innovation projects concerning environmental technology in city development. She received her PhD in Innovation and Design on the topic of offshoring of complex products.