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Johan Söderlind Åström

Junior Forskare

Tel +46 73 086 12 83


Location Hudiksvall

Unit Tillämpad digitalisering (102207)

ORCID 0000-0001-6774-2533


I work in the group applied digitization.
Applied digitization helps customers in different industries to digitize their business.
We develop concepts, prototypes and solutions from requirements specifications.
My strengths: Microcontroller programming, CAD and 3d writing, camera vision, IoT.
I have previously developed:
* Graphical interface on STM32.
* Rebuilt a manual jack to a smartphone controlled jack using CAD, 3d writing, STM32, Bluetooth 5.0.
* Web backend API with GraphQL in C#.
* Real-time detection and positioning of ski tracks from LiDAR point clouds. Graphic tool in OpenGL.
* Sensor Fusion GPS-RTK and IMU.
* Object tracking with thermal imager.