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Gert Andersson

Senior forskare

Tel +46 10 228 41 44


Location Göteborg

Unit Sensorer och material (102101)

ORCID 0000-0001-6637-9859

Gert I. Andersson, MSc.EE, Ph. D, Associate Professor (Docent). My doctoral studies were about the influence of process-induced defects on electrical properties of heavily doped silicon PN-junctions. After the doctoral studies my own research has mainly focused on MEMS sensors, especially inertial sensors accelerometers and gyros. First, for a period of six years at the department of Solid-State Electronics at Chalmers University of Technology as researcher, lecture, group leader and laboratory manager. During this period, I was also responsible for the user planning of MC2, Microtechnology Centre at Chalmers, that is a world class research and cleanroom facility built on the Chalmers campus. Thereafter in January 1999, I joined the new founded Imego institute. There I had a central role in building-up the institute, that first was merged into Acreo (2012) and later included into RISE (2019). My publication list includes more than 50 technical publications (> 800 citations) and 20 patent portfolios with more than 50 granted patents. I have successfully managed to transfer my own research results to commercial products as one of the inventors to the Butterfly-gyro, a MEMS gyro for automotive and high-performance professional applications. As a Senior researcher at Sensors & Materials, I mainly work with MEMS related R&D projects, co-ordination of RISE´s graphene activities, business development and intellectual asset questions. I think it is especially satisfactory when our knowledge is used i.e. when we help the industry or society with solutions.