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Smarter management improves work environment

Owing to solid development work, Autoadapt was able to reduce sick leave and increase commitment among the company's employees, while also improving quality.

It is 08:15 am and time for one of several pulse meetings at Autoadapt. The company makes products that help people with limited mobility operate their vehicles.

This morning's pulse meeting is short, and is held next to the Daily Management board. Together, employees discuss safety, staffing, deliveries, quality and disruptions. Everything is noted on the board and everyone receives information on the current situation.

Constant improvements

The daily management board is now a natural part of the work at Autoadapt, just like the Continuous Improvements board. Autoadapt started pulse meetings and began using vision boards thanks to the Production Leap programme.

"There is a form of soft value in meeting in person daily to discuss things that have come up," says Katarina Helgesson, Adaptation Manager at Autoadapt.  

Better work environment and better results

As part of the Production Leap, Autoadapt was able to formulate Lean principles to strengthen the company's innate capabilities. Particular focus has been directed towards integrating work environment perspectives into Lean, by increasing tenacity and participation among all employees.

The work has had many positive effects, such as a reduction in sick leave combined with increased performance.

"Quality flaws are seen, pointed out and discussed. Mistakes serve as lessons to the whole group," explains Joakim Bergstrand, Technology Manager at Autoadapt.

Published: 2019-02-05