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Simulated attacks in cyber range strengthen security

Almost all workplaces conduct regular fire drills to test the sprinkler system and to ensure that everyone knows where the assembly point is located. In today’s increasingly digitised society, it should be just as self-evident to test an organisation’s ability to withstand and deal with cyberattacks. This autumn, RISE Cyber range is opening in Kista to help companies and organisations get better at digital security. It will serve as a site for training, testing, and verification, where organisations can stress test their systems without jeopardising their ongoing operations.

What is currently a run-of-the-mill office in one of multiple high-rise buildings in Kista will be remodelled into a modern test and training facility for cybersecurity this fall. New windows will be installed and reinforced walls erected in order to rigorously create an environment boasting the highest level of security. RISE Cyber Range will have all the resources necessary to carry out crisis exercises by, for instance, building a copy of a system which is then subjected to simulated attacks.

Safe testing in a controlled environment

A cyber range allows for fully-controlled virtual environments to be constructed, and provides tools for building stable and secure IT systems. A potential customer could be a company that wants to test new parts of a system to determine whether they have been built correctly and to identify any weaknesses. The purpose is largely to test the technical systems, but it is just as important to make sure that procedures and structures function optimally.

– “We want to make it easy to address these questions, which are often perceived as difficult. Instead of focusing solely on the problems, we should see cybersecurity as conducive to innovation and development,” says Jenny Sperens, who works with strategy and business development at RISE.

Every time we share data digitally, the information can be used in myriad ways. Hackers carrying out cyberattacks seek to access information to various ends. It may involve exploiting data on specific individuals or demanding a ransom for particularly sensitive company information. Strengthening society’s resilience to these types of attacks is becoming increasingly important, and Jenny Sperens predicts that the market for cybersecurity test environments will steadily grow.

New opportunities for testing and demos

Industry as well as the public sector comprise the target group for RISE Cyber Range. Many small and medium-sized companies often lack the resources and infrastructure to perform this type of testing. The new site in Kista is an opportunity to provide cybersecurity testing and demos to customers and partners. It will also serve as a natural focal point for competence development and training, with easy access to expertise. The RISE cybersecurity team is made up of a core group of approximately 20 individuals, alongside an assortment of other cybersecurity experts in diverse operational areas, such as transport. This combination of technical experts and experts in specific fields provides great opportunities.

– “In RISE we understand user behaviour and we know how to set up cross-functional teams,” says Sperens. “It’s particularly important in cybersecurity, where, besides for the purely technical solutions, there is a lot of focus on security by design and learning from one another, across different domains.”

The new facility also affords greater opportunities for applied research and innovation in cybersecurity, and operations will be gradually expanded. Development takes place in dialogues with other organisations and agencies.

“Our hope is that increased access to environments like a cyber range will also increase the level of competence development, and that industry and the public sector will become more proficient at digital security. It’s important that we confront these issues and help each other out in times like the present, when everyone and everything is connected,” concludes Sperens.

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