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Prefab wooden climate shells save time, money and energy

Many of Sweden’s buildings are in acute need of renovation. This particularly applies to post-war housing stock, much of which is both poorly insulated and suffering from crumbling facades.

Prefabricated wall elements with inbuilt insulation are a quick and cost-effective method for installing a new facade on top of the original. This saves energy while simultaneously reducing cold bridges. As an added bonus, this method also reduces disruption for residents. A new Nordic research project conducted by RISE in collaboration with a number of stakeholders has produced a cost-effective wooden climate shell.

“We have noted a need for wall elements constructed from renewable materials. We have therefore studied the opportunities for using prefabricated wooden solutions – with excellent results,” says Karin Sandberg, a researcher at RISE.

Wooden elements have a number of benefits; they are small and flexible compared to other modern solutions and can be installed by a single person without the use of a crane. Their load can also be spread among many smaller points, making for easier fixing compared to larger elements.

Climate shells

The research project Nordic Built Concept for Renovation and Upgrading of Residential Buildings, a collaboration between a number of stakeholders from Sweden. Norway and Finland, has produced prefabricated solutions for cost-effective climate shells. In the video, which depicts a pilot assembly of wall elements on an industrial building at Hedensbyn in Skellefteå, northern Sweden, Karin Sandberg explains the advantages of prefabricated wooden wall elements.

Published: 2018-10-08