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Open platform for new services in the smart home

Television, data and telephony, these are three services that have been delivered to Swedish homes via broadband for a number of years now. What though might an open platform for new smart services using the Internet of Things look like? 

Previously, a major problem has been that services in different sectors are also built on provider-owned, closed platforms. This leaves the householder compelled to commit to a specific provider for each service; one for home security, one for water metering, one for temperature metering, one for safety solutions for the elderly, and so on.

In a two-year, Vinnova-financed project, RISE has collaborated with municipal broadband networks, housing companies, utilities and technology companies to develop business models and technical requirements related to an open platform that would make it possible for service providers in various sectors to access data and offer services.

The solution is based on Internet-of-Things technology, with sensors that measure various conditions placed in different locations in homes. Skellefteå Kraft and municipal housing company Skebo were the first to implement and test this open model in Skebo’s apartments.

On the conclusion of the project, technical solutions provider Alleato signed an agreement to continue deliveries together with Sundbyberg’s municipal broadband network.

“Sundbyberg Municipality is keen to see a commercial continuation of the project and an open platform has already been installed in the municipal network,” explains Fredrik Björklund, chief technical officer at Alleato.

Open platform for health and welfare 

The municipal network is run by a municipally-owned company and enjoys close dialogue with the municipalities other departments.

“They are therefore able to look at this from a municipal digitalisation perspective, including the interests of health and welfare. They can see that an open platform can be used to deliver healthcare and welfare in new ways. We are currently working towards beginning deliveries based on experiences gained during the project,” continues Fredrik Björklund.

“It is extremely satisfying to see two of our project partners continue in a commercial relationship based on the project concept of open platforms. This is great recognition that we are actually benefitting both businesses and the public sector,” says Claus Popp Larsen, project coordinator at RISE.

He is not surprised that these two parties in particular have gravitated to one another.

“Alleato has demonstrated great flexibility and receptiveness as a technology provider in the project, and Sundbyberg has been extremely clear about the municipality’s requirements and needs. These are exactly the kinds of partners we are looking for in our projects.”