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Nytänkarpodden meets: Åsa Östlund, Head of Research and Development at TreeToTextile

A completely new cellulose-based textile fiber, which is so durable and cheap that it can make a difference to the textile industry's climate footprint. That is what TreeToTextile has managed to achieve.

Hanna de la Motte, Business and Innovation area Director within Material transition at RISE has met Åsa Östlund, Head of Research and Development at TreeToTextile to find out more about how they work with sustainability throughout their value cycle, which alternative raw materials could be used in the process to bring out bio-based fibers and how TreeToTextile's journey has been - from idea and innovation to a demo plant and on to the world market.

To turn on subtitles, click the CC button in the media player's bottom toolbar. In the menu that appears, select "English CC".

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