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Jenny Lindborg on an office chair in front of a desk and computer

"It feels like we’re actually making a difference where it’s needed"

At RISE, around 3,000 problem-solvers are tackling some of society’s most pressing challenges. Jenny Lindborg works as a project manager at RISE and talks about how the broad spectrum of roles, competencies and perspectives leads to opportunities for making a difference in a complex world.

At the RISE Renewable Energy from the Ocean and Wind Unit, Jenny works with research projects related to the energy sector, always with some sort of link to hydrogen.

“Climate issues and energy are very much in the spotlight right now. The energy sector is facing an enormous transition and in order to meet the new needs that will arise in 5-10 years, we will need to develop the existing technology considerably. New technology is also necessary. It will also require collaboration across sectors if we are to achieve more unity and cohesion,” she says.

Much of Jenny’s daily work involves external monitoring and keeping up-to-date on the latest developments. There is also much focus on collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners.

“The projects are being run in close collaboration with business and industry, while we simultaneously try to make them as broad as possible by weaving in many different competencies to gain a wider perspective. We work with both industry and academy, which enables us to work with the existing needs, as well as new ones that arise. It feels like we’re actually making a difference where it’s needed,” she says.

Each person is given the opportunity to develop as they wish, both within the group and at RISE in general.

Jenny goes on to talk about some of the advantages of working at RISE, like the interdisciplinary approach and opportunity to work in projects that impact many areas of society.

“We work as a team, always collaborating and regularly checking that we are on track. Everyone is dedicated, wants to inspire and is curious about each other. Each person is given the opportunity to develop as they wish, both within the group and at RISE in general,” she says.

What makes you curious?

“Things that get me involved, make me curious and motivated are challenges where I can contribute with solutions for a better, sustainable world.”

What is the best innovation of all time?

“I narrowed it down to two, but then couldn’t decide which one to pick! So the first is vaccines. Just think about how many lives have been saved by vaccines. It’s incredible. The second is electricity. It is the foundation of our modern lifestyle and digitalization, and has simplified our lives profoundly.”

Facts about Jenny

Worked at RISE since 2021

Completed the Vasaloppet as a cross-country skiing beginner

Triggered by problem solving and challenging assignments

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Published: 2022-06-16